• Collectors and Compulsive Hoarders
  • SOS for Seniors - helping Seniors reorganize their homes and their lives for simpler living.
  • Whole Home Organization
  • Upscale Downsizing - perfect for those who are moving or who have moved
  • Closet Organization - give you your dream closet and show you how to organize it
  • Organize your Garage and kitchen - make your life simpler
  • Shred, Organize, and Dispose of unwanted papers and CDs
  • Organize and de-clutter your home for sale
  • Take inventory of your organized home for insurance purposes      
  • De-clutter and organize for a big event
  • Organize your computer desktop, files, and pictures
  • Private Computer Tutoring - Being organized means being on top of the latest technology.  SOS can help you get there at at your speed.
  • Light Construction - Curtains, Rods, Closet Systems, Hooks, Assembly of furniture, plus much more!
  • Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Donations- Cleaning is included in the organizing process if necessary and great rates offered for after your home is organized.
  • Extreme Downsizing!  Are you part of the Tiny House Movement and need help downsizing to fit your new tiny house?  Call me!!