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Lynne was great! She de-cluttered and organized and helped me with lots of ideas about how to
make my house more livable and friendlier. She even hung a picture for me! She is great, dependable,
and very competent. I highly recommend her!

Angieslist Review

    I was referred to Lynne by my therapist when I was suffering with a clinical depression.  she was just what I needed to get back on track.  She helped me redecorate my apartment - even took me shopping to discount stores for furniture, pictures and rugs.  A year and a half later, she's more helpful than ever.  She communicates with the pharmacy and my doctors and makes certain I put my medicine in the right boxes.  She helps me sort my mail, maintain my apartment and keep my Internet and email running smoothly.  Recently,  I needed a new suit for a funeral, and I appreciated her support in choosing one.  I trust her with my life.  With structure and activity back in my life, my clinical depression has lifted, if not entirely left me.  I recommend her whole heartedly.

Description of work:

    Helped me get rid of extra items in my place.  Helped me shop for new furniture, clothes, and electronics.  Helps me maintain my apartment.  Helps me sort/keep track of my medicines.  Many other things.

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De-cluttered and organized living room, bathroom, linen closet, master bedroom and master bedroom closet. Provided education and guidance with sorting and discarding personal papers. She took papers which contained identifying information to a secure document shredding location along with taking items (household and clothing) to Goodwill (many full bags).

Member Comments:

I've been need of assistance to clean up/organize my home for a long time. I kept putting off de-cluttering my house. I interviewed a few people over the phone but only one person actually made for home evaluation. After about 15 minutes of her TELLING me what I had to do and that she would GUIDE me along my journey to an organized house. She shared from her experience, a person will only learn from their mistakes is to do the work entirely themselves the entire time looking at me sitting with a full leg brace on and having been informed I was recovering from a horrific car accident where my left leg had been shattered and I've been recovering from several operations. I did not have the endurance to complete tasks independently. I politely asked her to leave. After that upsetting experience I was reluctant to go forward. I then became a member of Angie's List. I found Supportive Organizing Solutions and Lynne Mahar.
From the moment I spoke with Lynne, I liked her. She came and made an initial assessment re: decluttering and organization of home. She provided an approximate time frame to tackle this job along with cost. Her costs are very reasonable. Lynne is friendly, kind, understanding, compassionate, empathetic, non-judgemental, hard worker while maintaining professionalism. Lynne worked with me and there were times I couldn't do much. She is prompt with her arrival time. Our organizational time together was interrupted because I required additional surgery. It's a pleasure to work with Lynne, I look forward to working with her again in the near future. I doubt I would have made this step forward without Lynne!

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Lynn worked with a dear friend of mine assisting her to organize several years of personal and financial paperwork and to prepare for tax accounting.   My friend had accounts in two countries with many banks, credit unions, investment companies, and insurance companies, as well as medical records and bills and pension programs.   During a period of extreme duress and illness, my friend had accumulated about five years of paperwork.  I became involved in order to help her feel comfortable with the process of getting organized again.  

I quickly became a true fan of Lynn as a person, and of the excellent service she provides.  Words that come to mind are bright, kind, flexible, intuitive, collaborative, and focused...along with talented and skilled.  

Lynn openly accepted my being involved with the process and the three of us worked as a team....with Lynn doing the lion's share of the work.   Lynn took my friend to banks and the accountant, communicated with major information providers, determined what paperwork was necessary and what was not, organized necessary paperwork for the accountant, organized a filing system that my friend will be able to use with ease, and identified and packed papers to be taken for shredding.

With things organized, my friend has been able to make good decisions to streamline her financial affairs.

I recommend Lynn very highly.  Lynn has my permission to share my contact information with prospective clients.

Kathy, Rochester, NY

General Recommendation

I would highly recommend Lynn for her professionalism, integrity and genuine warmth. She was very efficient and very dependable. I hope to work with her again the future!
RR, Rochester, NY

General Recommendation

Hi Lynne
I just wanted to thank you for your organizing help yesterday.  It was a pleasure to meet you and to have your assistance in getting my life in better order.
We have been in the same house for over 27 years and my closets were out of control.  Thanks to your help, I feel I am in a much better place now.  It actually took less time and effort than I expected, and working with you made it fun!
Now every day my life will start out in a very organized way and I am forever grateful for your help.  I will certainly serve as a reference for you if you need one.
Working with you made my week!
Barb A., Rochester, NY


Lynne, I can’t thank you enough for the work you did today. We have a lot more ground to cover but I’m sure we can get there. I felt a whole lot better about today knowing that there really is HOPE!! I lost it for awhile. Thank you so much for making me feel better about myself,
A.B., Rochester, NY


This was a wonderful investment. Lynne Maher is personable and professional. She was encouraging, reassuring, and supportive while helping me get back on track organizationally at home. I highly recommend her!
Cheryl K., Rochester


Thanks for getting me motivated to organize more of my home!
Gwen D., Greece


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SOS was very helpful with what I needed and I was very happy with the outcome.  
Victoria O., Rochester 


Lynne was very quick to respond to my email questions, and was not insulted by my many inquiries. She was prompt, friendly, helpful, a good listener, and offered creative and practical solution. 


Yelp Reviews

Lynn helped me get and stay organized by finding new solutions for old clutter! I needed her there to guide me through the decision making process and she made me feel good about it. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone!
Liz D., Rochester, NY


Wow.  I'm unstuck! And its all Lynne's fault.  

I'm good at a lot of things...but not managing my things.  Still, its hard to be vulnerable and accept the help of a (highly skilled) stranger.  I took a chance on Lynne.  It paid off in spades.  

I've worked with other organizers before. Here's what sets Lynne apart:

Honestly, I felt a bit off balance as we set up agreements, roles and goals.  Looking back, Lynne's professionalism and attention to this is part of the process allowed me to relax moving forward.  She has integrity.

Second, Lynne is an understated powerhouse.  I never felt pressured or stifled.  But at just the right moment she'd guide or challenge me.  

Finally, Lynne shines in her compassion and non-judgementalness.  In a moment of overwhelm, she sat down with me.  She listened for 2 minutes or so, and then...breakthrough.  We got into gear and made huge progress with my stuff.  We even unearthed my son's lost ($400!!!) glasses.  : )

Hire Lynne.  She's a gem.
Amy G. (Rochester, NY)

Angieslist Review

Lynn Maher and Supportive Organizing Solutions helped me with "emotional memory hoarding" she helped me get rid of 800 books, clothes, old birthday cards, bills, school papers, etc. She also put papers (family) on CD ROM.
Member Comments:
Lynn always was prompt, well dressed, smiling and prepared to work with me and encourage me to get rid of a lot of merchandise and "stuff" accrued over 18 years. I didn't want this job left for my survivors.    T. Harpending (Rochester, NY)

Angieslist Review -

Lynne is extremely sensitive and gentle in helping to develop an approach for sorting thru a few decades of paperwork that I've been lugging around every time I move. Appointments range from one hour to four hours, and she pitches in, doesn't scold or lecture, and helps keep the focus to get the job done. It's easy when sorting thru so much stuff to pause and revisit the photos, cards, etc etc. Lynne is tactful and a really hard worker too!      M. Gallison (Henrietta, NY)

Livingsocial Review -

Lynne did a great job and was very professional. I would recommend her to others.


Yelp Review (On Moving…) -

[Lynne] was beyond helpful when I downsized before moving to Virginia.  Very professional, extremely helpful, great suggestions for post-move organizing ideas.  Full service, excellent lady. would HIGHLY recommend.
~- Kerri M, Fairport via Virginia

From one of my littlest clients....

"Dear lynne Thank you for helping us clean even know we havent had another Perfeshainol organizer befor. If we ever had another Perfeshnol organizer. witch I hope we will never because we will keep the house clean inside an ouside. well what my point is your the best perfeshanol orgainizer ever So thank you so much well if we see you again yeah but if today was your last day maybe we will run into you at the store maybe."  From G.C., age 5


Dear Lynne,
When first opened my empty walk-in closet, I thought, “Wow! What  a wonderful thing to have!” Over time, I got into the habit of doing a “quick clean up ” by tossing things  into it. Dozens of “quick clean-ups” later, when I opened my closet, I still said, “Wow!” But that was because it was a nightmare. Honestly, if I could have cleaned it out myself, I would have. The job was just too big for me. What would I do with all the stuff?

When I called you, I was desperate. Then, as we went to work, I was grateful. You knew what to do with everything. Or rather, you knew how to help me decide what to do with everything. Well, it’s been two months since you left and I’m writing to report that I’ve been using the tips you taught me to stay organized. My closet looks (almost) as good as the day you left. I can’t thank you enough.

Lisa G,  Rochester, NY,P.S. Organizing the top of my dresser was a bonus I especially appreciated. It got me to organize my drawers a couple weeks later. Now my bedroom is my retreat from the world.


To: Supportive Organizing Solutions

Fr: Fran S. (Company name withheld upon request)

Re: Office Reorganization

Hi Lynne, I had to write to let you know what a wonderful job you did with our office.  
I must be honest with you and say that I was not  in favor of hiring SOS, or any other professional organizing company, for the job we had to do. We handle many confidential materials. In addition, we’re a small family owned company with many “chefs in the kitchen” so to speak.  We thought a professional organizer could be insufficiently sensitive to both issues. But shortly into the project, I knew I was mistaken. Thank you for not only making the office an efficient, attractive and more productive space, but also for doing it with tact and professionalism. I think you’ve set it up so well we will now be able to maintain the system. But if not, we’ll be calling you back for an encore. On behalf of the whole family, thank you.